Lost cloud zoo license scenario

As I have Rhino open most days and I have a lab license, I don’t know what the typical behavior with a single-user license is in the following scenario:

Let’s say your Rhino somehow lost contact with the cloud zoo - who knows why, but let’s say it’s not just momentary. If you don’t read the notifications panel, you don’t know that Rhino wasn’t able to refresh its license. You continue working, day after day - a lot of people never turn their computer off - all without really realizing that Rhino hasn’t actually refreshed the license. In principle you have 2-3 weeks before Rhino refuses to run.

So, my questions are:

  1. At what point before the lease expires are you notified (outside of the notifications panel) that Rhino doesn’t have a license and will stop running (soon).

  2. Let’s say you ignore any license warnings you might have seen and the grace period has now expired. You have a file open that you’ve been working on for weeks - some people never close their files either - and suddenly Rhino doesn’t have a license - what happens?

Hi Mitch,
I’ll try to give an answer from my experience

You’ll be noticed when you try to start a new session that is opened after the expire period.

The session that is running shouldn’t be affected from the license manager; you already otained a valid license and the session should be valid until you close it.
You should be able to save your work without problems.

But, to be honest, I think it’s more likely that an OS crash (or something similar) will happen before we get to the scenario you described.

@Helvetosaur Rhino gets more persistent in its warnings as you get closer to the lease expiring. Sometime between half-way there and 10 days before the lease expires, you’ll start getting dialog boxes. The notifications you get early on in the notifications panel are purely informational and are designed to be ignorable.

In practice, I’ve never heard of someone having their lease get close to running out and not be able to get back to the internet to make it work. People who want to be offline for months at a time need to lock their license to their computer.