Loss of accuracy in some mesh related components

Accuracy problem.gh (361.8 KB)

Hello, I’m facing a strange issue in grasshopper when I use some mesh related components. As the attached file shows, using “face boundaries”, “Mesh weldvertices”, “WB join” & “Naked vertices” gives shifted points location from the original mesh. I’m using the latest rhino 6 version

In my opinion, it’s because you are comparing two sets of point deviations between your deconstructed brep vertices and joined mesh vertices converted by using Simple Mesh.

They simply are not identical with each other espacially near the edges. Some sub-surfaces have 5 vertices and when you try to convert them to meshs using Simple Mesh, it’ll just ignore the extra vertices more than 4.


Please check updated attached file with rectangular sub surfaces only and still the same. Regarding the simple mesh component, I’ve also added a separate example at the bottom of it which shows a rectangular surface being meshed by Karamba and then using naked vertices component with it and the same problem still exist. Accuracy problem 2.gh (132.2 KB)

I don’t have Karamba installed, so it’s hard to tell what that component is doing.
Anyway, what I mean is described in the attachment. You should compare the equally generated data sets…

Accuracy problem 2_re.gh (133.5 KB)

first I would like to thank you for you quick reply. you are not using in your example the components I referred to. Please check attached file with added parts to your example that contains the components I’m talking about. aren’t they an equally generated data sets as well ?
createSubLayers.gh (146.6 KB)

And another bad practice which is not recommended is geometry generation far away from the world origin.
Check the attachment and related McNeel Wiki page.


createSubLayers_re.gh (136.6 KB)

Thanks a lot.