Losing pictureframe image upon revisiting file

Hi, I don’t get a lot of time in Rhino, so I don’t catch things so quickly. Here’s the issue. I lose a pictureframe photo I use as reference to draw from. I reopen to look at something done lets say a month ago and poof (no photo). I see the original outline of a croped photo and words across it saying( no image found and continues on with path where it came from in computer lingo.
Has aynone had this problem ? Any ideas? Thank you ,Mark

Sounds like the image was deleted or moved and is no longer at the same location it was when you created the PictureFrame. Was the image stored on your computer, on an external drive, or the “cloud”?

Picture frame images can be either embedded or just linked per command line option. If you didn’t check carefully when you created the picture frame, it may be that it only got linked and not embedded. The default is not to embed the image, once you set it to embed the image it should remember this across sessions, but always check anyway… If a linked image is moved or deleted, when you re-open the file you will have this happen.

I recommend always embedding PF images, unless somehow that causes you problems with the file size getting bigger…


Yes David, I did put some of these files on an external drive. Thank you for the help,Mark

Thank you Mitch for the great knowledge. Mark