Loosing picture frame

many time i insert a picture (attached pic 02)

and i get that (attached pic capture),

a deformed image of me pic,
“Embed” is set to yes.
why is that ?

Hi G,

This might be related to your Video-card/GPU. Do you know what card you ahve? If not check the page at Options->View->OpenGL
It looks like this:

Also can you post a Rhinofile with the incorrect picturefame in it?


Yes sure, here’s the card,

and here’s a file
Pic Sample File.3dm (380.7 KB)

I don’t have an answer as to why @Gil_K but I get the picture back by running the command RefreshAllTextures when that happens.


edit….sorry just realised that you are saying that you are getting that right when you create the picture frame. A lot of times after I toggle between view modes the picture frames look like yours for me and I get the image back by RefreshAllTextures.

Hi Gil_K,

It seems to be displaying correct over here, you could try to update the driver as it’s from feb-2015.


Well “RefreshAllTextures” does patches the problem, made a button out of that & will be using it,
So Tnx @Willem @sochin for that !
But still didn’t solve the issue…wondering why is that…if anyone has an idea, please share !
BTW, the problem occurs not only when inserting a picfarame but also after inserting…mostly when switching views.