Looping or Recursion? (row n takes input from row n-1)

I would like to perform a loop with row (n) taking input from row (n-1) across multiple rows. I did Row 0 and Row 1 (grouped in white), red shows where I fed in the row number. I’m mostly interested in obtaining the result grouped in green as the final result of the loop or recursion. I am open to using Anemone/Hoopsnake but would really appreciate it if you could help me with how I should input this into the recursion.

Panelization_Pri-2.gh (168.1 KB) updated

I don’t have Lunchbox installed so can’t do anything with your file but this sounds to me like RelItem (Relative Item) or RelItem2? A search of the forum will show you how to use them.

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Thank you for the suggestion, Mr. Oster! I’ll look into Relative Item.

so I have tried my best with your given code, however there are some things that I can’t fix.
The error is caused in row 9-11, your vector that you use to orient the curtains don’t create an intersection resulting in it missing the whole column. You will need to change the algorithm here to what you need.
The second error is the generation of the surfaces. you use a fixed arrangement, however that doesn’t work on the second half so you need to find a way to work out which point goes to which input on the generate surface.
Panelization_Pri-2.gh (140.1 KB)

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This is perfect, thank you! The empty columns appear where it’s unsolvable (where the panel edge and the intersection points coincide so the panel gets extruded a null distance) but I tweaked the UV divisions and normal distances to get them to fill in.
This is such an incredible solution! Thank you for your time and expertise, I appreciate it.