Loop or repeat command option

While i am at it, how about a loop option on certain commands, like sweeps that would run for X amount of times.

That way you could say, run a 2 rail sweep 20 times, no spacebar, just clicking the curves or edges.

Extrusions also ??

Back to work,

Try typing Repeat before running your command… --Mitch


I owe you a Calvados !

thanks, I am laughing, I never would of thought of that.



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Awesome. Thanks

Hi All - * does the same thing and quicker if you are typing - no space between * and the command…
Do I get a Calvados now? A Stella? Perrier?

Oops - thanks @jeff_hammond , Rhino for Windows only, for now at least. And so thirsty too.
I recall # for History is also not in Rhino for Mac yet either. I’ll make sure these get on the pile if they are not…


nice… both of these are new to me… i’m pretty sure i’ll make use of these options.

so using Repeat then Line works for me.

if i try *Line , it doesn’t work.
any ideas?

hm- let’s verify that it is implemented on the mac - checking… Darn, I don’t want to have to return my treats.


heh, well that seems like the good one to use because it looks like the command search still works with * … where as with Repeat, you have to type the whole command name.

Of course, how about a radler, you may be driving your bike home?

Switzerland or Seattle, tough choice?

So the asterisk (Asterix?) is only for Windows?

Nice tips!

Since the REPEAT command is not that well known, what I had originally thought was to have the option in the command dialogue box, so if you are doing a bunch of lines, one you start the line command, you just toggle the repeat option, like selecting B for line from mid point, foe example off the top of my head.

Yes, perfect.
Asterisks and hashtags only work on Rhino for Windows as far as I can see , yes.