Looks like import image sampling bug



working on a little displacement feature, I realized that whenever any subsampling is set in the import image node, the left and the top image border get a grey blur creeping in.

I guess that when sampling the image edges somehow black gets sampled from the outside black matte.

in these screenshots I loaded a pure white bitmap.
this is gh & rhino 5.


(David Rutten) #2

I can’t repeat that, no matter what combination of interpolate and tiling I use. Can you upload the simplest possible file that replicates this problem?

interpolatedsampling.gh (20.8 KB)


Hi David,

thanks for having a look.

True the way you did it also works fine here.(0.9.0076)

i attached the version with the import image node;
when using this i always get the left and top edge with some gradient.

importImageResample.gh (5.8 KB)

(David Rutten) #4

Ah yes, that component gets confused.

(David Rutten) #5

I managed to fix it. It was remarkably difficult to get GDI to resize the image without the edges leaking.
The next public Rhino WIP will have the fix in it.


thank you for handling that so swiftly :+1: