Looking to create ribbon that curls, twists and turns like the image below

Anyone know what definition was used to create this?

Why dont you ask the guy to give it to you? (I’m betting your name is chris as it was the only comment on his blog after 8 years and it was today :joy::joy::joy:)

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It is a visual basic/custom component
See this


Did you make a search? Or give references were you found the.image… I just searched for strip on grasshopper forum.
You have all the clues to find😀


ribbon_2018Feb6a.gh (21.0 KB)

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Does this flat patterns into a straight strip ?
Im trying to figure out how to make the strip “real world”
so like a ribbon that would flat pattern (unroll straight)
When bent it follow curves, kinda link these:


Any luck figuring this definition?
im trying to do the same, emphasis on “will unroll to straight strips”

Here is the Tapeworm definition: Dropbox - MN-tapeworm-script-2020.ghx - Simplify your life