Looking to buy rhinogold 4

I bought the upgrade from rhinogold 4 to uprgade to rhinogold 6.5 and when i went to get it set up i found out i was sent an illegal copy of rhinogold 4. please help! i have put every penny i have into this!

I have a RhinoGold V3 license - pm if interested ?

I had to re install RG4 sometime ago and TDM told me the same thing. Long story short…TDM`s database had some issues in the merge with Stuller. TDM would not even really talk to me and insisted that my copy belonged to someone else…the RG agent who sold me the copy had to sort it out with TDM before they would let me validate my copy. One good reason for not buying directly online.

No apology from TDM. Pretty bad experience.