Looking for your idea: From points to Mesh or Surface

Hi guys,

I have some cool curves (screen 1) created from the interpolation of these points (screen 2). These points are from a music composition (if it could help in your brainstorming) (watch the script attached please)

I’m a bit stucked on what I could do after… I would like to create some forms (breps or meshes) from these curves in order to 3D print them. I’m evaluating also to have a flat base in which these curves grows and dives.

Have you got some ideas? I don’t need any code (if you want to attach something of course it’s okay)… just some process ideas, but you should consider the final 3D print.

Free your mind :smiley:

p.s. Something like the artist and designer “After form” could be cool too… Or something like “Refik Anadol” with lots of particles.

points and curves.gh (12.3 KB)


your idea is not clear ; at least share your points file
and you can use Delaunay Mesh

it would be interesting to know at least the basics, of how these points were produced (specific frequencies, rhythms?), knowing there derivation might help in form and idea finding, to give this “sculpture” or whatever your intention for it is, maybe a bit of a related purpose.

if you want to involve people into brainstorming up and developing an idea, then this music composition you are talking about would be a pretty important part for others to hear either i believe. if you want others to share their ideas then pls share as much from your side as possible, that is at least what @ivelin.peychev might wanted to tell you with this link.

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Thanks, corrected all I could. But at the same time I’m looking only for some suggestions… so I couldn’t be much more precise. :smiley:


About Delaunay you can try it, but result is not that good. I was looking for a much more ordered mesh, maybe MeshFromPoints…

I’ve attached my script! it’s the last part… if you need I could also upload all, but should be enough…

These points are notes, xyz from these points are:
x = time, when these notes are played;
y = which note is it;
z = volume of the note.

I do not fully understand what you’re after, but when music is involved it is not so much the notes that are visually appealing but rather the frequency.

I have two remarks:

  1. use frequency instead of the actual note.
  2. add the silence to make all curves to cover exactly the same domains, this way later when you build surface/mesh it will be easier.

I always used it and it work fine; i like use it because no need to order the points

points and curves_2.gh (23.7 KB)

Thanks Ivelin for your inputs. The reality is that I’ve got only a couple of weeks still for completing something for a research… so I have to evaluate the idea of transforming notes to frequencies… the truth is that it’s not that long a “math” process… since once you have the precise note you have also the frequency.

Thanks also for point 2… that’s what I will do in the weekend, cause it makes more ordinate mesh or srf as you said.

By the way if you guys are interested I can share some material!

Thanks Seghier, I was hoping to use it too but using it with the first set of points the mesh was baaaad.

As you see also in the first Delaunay you did the Mesh wasn’t a good one, even after the loop SubD.

Instead I really liked the refinement process you did after… with that component “Contour” I didn’t know the existance of that component and I think will change my life ahahah…

As I said to Ivelin, if you are interested I could share some material!

Thanks another time