Looking for the longest line amongst 24,100 lines

Hi all,

I’ve been successfull in sorting lines by lenght and would like to have the longest and shortest one visible in Rhino. attached the 3dm and Grasshopper files.

thank you and happy new year !


I have not attached the files but can send to whom can help.

Hi Stéphane. If a simple list item won´t do, it would surely help to see the file.

[Uploading: 19010Longest.gh (494.1 KB)
190102-cliff-test2.3dm (5.8 MB)

something like this? Longest.gh (511.6 KB)

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yes!. I tried the same and did not get it. Thank you.
I’m willing to sort horizontal lines only. any idea?

In your particular case, since your lines are orthogonal to the XY plane, you can filter out vertical lines by excluding those whose start and end point have different Y coordinates.

Ok, Great help.

Check this as well.

Longest_re.gh (733.6 KB)

Hi, thank you.
It’s great as I was not able to find how to sort out Y and X lines. It looks like a personal training by discorvering with solution. Happy new year to all for it.