Looking for suggestions how to create a tspline model

What is the best way to create the red cut portion in the volcano? Maybe it’s 2-3mm deep.

I’m new to using tsplines.

It isn’t easy to create jagged, “irregular” shapes it T-Splines, and you don’t have to. Just make a blob of mountain in TS, convert it to NURBS, then trim the crater.

thanks, I didn’t think of that. I have been trying to project a curve on the volcano, then delete surfaces and try to rebuild the red cut. It’s been frustrating, especially since I’m a new user.

What’s the use of the model? Displacement maps would do the trick but you would end with a mesh.

I need to export step file to pro-e for tooling

So a mesh won’t cut it.

T-Splines Torus Primitive. VerticalFaces 8, AroundFaces 24

Move and scale edge loops

Select isolated alternate edges, move up

Select other edges, move down

Select random mountain edges, radial scale outwards. Insert edge loops to control creasing

Total accumulated time? 6-8 minutes.


EarthPimple.3dm (314.6 KB)

that’s amazing. I have been working on this for about 2 weeks. But I did
not start with the torus, just creating bottom curve, then extruding
surfaces up to the top area. I always had issues at the top how to go over
the top into the hole, Mine actually has a floor just inside the top
opening, but I had all of these surface edges coming over the top and then
trying to close them up in the center of the volcano.
Then after that trying to get the flow to happen on the outside.
So with your torus approach, if I wanted a floor just on the inside of the
volcano, I would think to just delete the inner surfaces and then bridge
the center center, correct?
thanks again for your work, it shows me what can be done by someone who
knows how to use the software.

Just make sure you’ve had practice and are familiar with patching holes closed.

I’m accustomed to doing them manually through extruding splines and welding vertices. Not certain that TSplines Bridge command will close up a donut hole properly. Never tried it that way.
You could always plug up the hole by modelling an overlapping bubbling cauldron.