Looking for some advice and Inputs regarding problem-solving formfinding

Hello there,
The title is maybe a bit confusing, but I will explain.

I’m a landscape architect and I’m often redesigning streets to public spaces with the goal to minimize conflicts between pedestrians and road traffic, while creating the best possible environment for visitors.
There a lot of different parameters, like radii for pv, trucks, the width of the road, House entrances,existing infrastructure like sewage, fountains, lighting, trees and so forth. It’s close to impossible to develop a design which takes all those parameters in account.
So what happens is, that the “redesign” is often not more than planting 1-2 trees and placing a bench in a 100 meter street. Only with a ton of work other solutions arise, but no one got time for that process.

So I’m thinking about developing an algorithm in grasshopper, which allows to take all parameters in account and creates form between those restrictions, with the goal to broaden the spectrum of possible solutions. And I’m sure, this solution will be interesting for other people to, because lack of space is a problem which will be even more challenging in future.

I would consider myself an intermediate with grasshopper. And I already looked into a couple things for this project.
What I’m hoping to achieve here is, receiving some inputs or ideas. Maybe some new perspectives or Tipps on plugins that a haven’t even considered.

In regards beyon