Looking for simple example of something captured with a Proliner or Laser

I’m just starting with Rhino and looking for “practice” with raw captured point data (not cloud points from 3D photo). For example, some point data of something in the marine canvas industry like a bimini or dodger or even better a complete template.

I just would like to have something real I can manipulate before I drop the cash for my own 3D template system.


Here is an original dxf from a proline for a curved window and a Rhino file created from it. There are some notes on the drawing which I created while building the model. This is a few years old but should still be relevant.

Proline Example.dxf (50.9 KB)
Proline Example.3dm (399.5 KB)

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Thank you!

I’ll take more samples from other people if they care to donate… =)