Looking for reasonable quotes to have these machined out of billet aluminum

Nice parts, but not really designed for manufacturing. You’re going to need to machine the right hand section (the one with the eyelet) from at least 4 different angles, the fixturing will be complicated so it’s going to be pretty expensive.

My 2¢… --Mitch

If the design cannot be changed, the BEST way to make them is DMSL [direct metal laser sintering]. There are several companies that offer the service.

But not cheap. Wouldn’t hurt to get a quote for comparison with the subtractive machining bid.


If these absolutely need to be the shape you show, perhaps a more appropriate manufacturing process would be to have them 3d printed in plastic to use as patterns, then have them cast in aluminum from the patterns.

If their primary purpose is to serve some function, perhaps a redesign for manufacturability is in order.