Looking for graphic card / system recommendations

I am planning to buy Cintiq Pro 16 (4K display tablet) and use it with Rhino. Unfortunately I am really bad at hardware so I have no idea how good the video card should be. For the rest of the system I was thinking for something like: i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. But all configurations with such processors come with super high-end gamer cards and are way over my budget (around $1000).
The other problem is that originally the Cintiq wants DP over USB-C which doesn’t seem to be available to many cards. Any ideas will be appreciated.

Well, given the poor performance of Rhino 6 that I’ve been getting with my Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M, I would get the best card you can afford and run Rhino 5. Just my 2 cents.


I found orders-of-magnitude performance benefits with V6 myself, so your rmileage may vary.

Unfortunately it doesn’t make a lot of sense to get a Cintiq and have just a $1000 left over for your actual system–that’s not enough money for a system to drive a 4K 3D display, you need a “super high end gamer card” at least–,especially if it’s for Rhino since a pen tablet is not even something Rhino is itself optimized for, it’s most useful for Photoshop and texture painting.

There are brands that sell much cheaper pen displays that get pretty decent reviews on Amazon.

On a large project V6 is orders-of-magnitude slower. Running both at the moment, but V6 is designated for small projects only until it gets better or i can get a workstation vs laptops.

Well I have an i7 and a 1080ti and on an imported step file of 10,000 parts, V6 is in fact orders of magnitude faster, it’s the difference between the file being workable to navigate or not. It’s also very good on my laptop with a 1060. People have been asking since Day 1 for Rhino to make better use of high-end video cards, and now that it does…well my sympathy is somewhat limited, folks should have realized there would be a cost to that, until the 1180 comes out the 1080ti is still your best bang for the buck easily.

no doubt, i import a 25k step file weekly. Even with grasshopper preview and no objects visible V6 is gooey to work in, whereas R5 is snappy.

If you are willing to share one of your “gooey” 3dm files with me, I’ll inspect it to see if any optimizations can be made to make it less-gooey.

Unfortunately its a high profile project and I’m under strict NDA.

Disabling Autosave in GH helps a bunch, as well as the aforementioned turning off all preview and rhino geometries.

Make sure that you are running on the latest SR. We made improvements in GH preview performance over the last several months.