Looking for documentation on commands that work inside other commands

I’m looking for documentation on commands that work inside other commands. I use “Between” and “SubCrv”, to name a few, all the time.

Further, can these commands have aliases? I’d happily designate “b” as “Between” if it could work inside other commands. It’s nerve-wracking to type out a 7-letter word after making a complex and tedious selection.


Hi Ryan - aliases do work for nested commands - OSnaps are not commands, exactly, and they are nestable, as aliased - I use ‘bb’ for between. Length, Radius, Distance, and SubCrv are now nestable commands. Use a ’ in front of nestable commands (in your alias etc - 'Distance )

Is there a situation that is not working for you?


Between only works without an apostrophe in front. Same for Distance.

The key line I missed in Command macros and scripting was “One-shot object snaps and sub-object picking filters are automatically nestable and do not require an apostrophe.

I was not thinking of picking operations such as Between as a type of OSnaps but this makes sense. The Object Snap documentation is what I’m looking for. Thanks!