Looking for CODECS that will allow STD Bongo Video Encoder to run

Hi !

After using BONGO Video Encoder SO SUCCESSFULLY for YEARS and loving i t, I’m suddenly not able to get usable output (for a client presentation I’m TRYING to prepare :-/ ) .

I’m guessing there’s a “CODEC” problem of some sort … in the latest release(s), so I’m going to START there …

Can ANYBODY steer me to a set of BONGO STANDARD CODECS that will allow STANDARD BONGO VIDEO ENCODER to output STANDARD WINDOWS animations to STANDARD Windows (in this case Win-7/64_PRO ) to run in STANDARD Windows Media Player ?

Never a problem before, but well, …

Thanks in advance for ANY valuable input …

Tks -


What were you using? What is the problem?

As far as I know no changes to the codec usage has been made in ages. But maybe @marika_almgren or @lars know better.

No changes to the Bongo Video has been made. List of latest fixes can be found here:

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