Looking for an intern with architecture + coding chops in NYC

Come be my intern!

We’re looking for a current student of architecture (or a related field) with serious coding/scripting chops to come help us build out the next generation of automated/augmented design tools for architects. You’d be reporting directly to me, working closely together on real projects. It’s gonna be fun!!! If you’re up for working on awesome software tools for designers at one of the most exciting tech+space companies in New York City… apply!


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We developed a suite of procedural algorithms for space planning in commercial offices. These algorithms were benchmarked against 13,000 actual offices designed by human architects. The algorithm performed as well as an architect on 77% of offices, and achieved a higher capacity in an additional 6%, all while following a set of space standards. If the algorithm used the space standards the same way as an architect (a more relaxed interpretation), the algorithm achieved a 97% match rate, which means that the algorithm completed this design task as well as a designer and in a shorter time. The benchmarking of a layout algorithm against thousands of existing designs is a novel contribution of this article, and we argue that it might be a first step toward a more comprehensive method to automate parts of the office layout process.

You guys are some real humanitarians :expressionless: