Looking for a way to convert points to a [any shape will do] primitive solid?

I have some 2500 non-manifold edges in a mesh [8 mil + faces] created in Zbrush… One way I use for fixing this, is importing the mesh to Rhino, and use the edge tool to mark the problem locations… once I know where these non-manifolds are, it is just a sweep of a brush in ZB to clean it.

the idea is to convert the marking points in Rhino to small spheres [or cubes] and export these back to the ZB model as location markers.

there must be a simple way to do this in GH… unfortunately I currently know much too little GH beyond this:

screenshot of the piece with the non-manifolds edges

thanks a lot

Only those who know how have any right to call it simple. You don’t.

thanks a lot @Joseph_Oster for letting me know my rights.

Kindly avoid this thread if my choice of English words annoys you.

and by the way, I’m a goldsmith, who also use rhino, but for the type of work I do GH is very rarely needed. so…

Apology to everyone else, if I may refocus to the issue. of converting points into spheres/ cubes. It doesn’t have to be in GH if there’s a non manual [one by one] way to do this in rhino directly…? I’d love to know.

With thanks and best regards

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I have noticed that a large number of you replies to uses have a very negative tone. You might want to think about how you are putting yourself out there.

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Mark Plaga

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Here is an old Python script from my collection that will apply a sphere of your specified radius to all selected points.

SpheresToPoints.py (896 Bytes)

To run the script once or twice, copy to your desktop, type ! _RunPythonScript in Rhino and browse to the script.

To install scripts more permanently see this wiki page.

Here is a quick GH definition to do the same just in case.

SpheresToPoints.gh (5.3 KB)

For future reference, in case you want to let GH look for the non-manifold edges, the Mesh>Mesh Edges component will identify them. You might want to try it out with something less than 8 million faces first though. Nice work BTW!

Thank you so much.
Going through the vast collections of your MMT scripts installed on my computer long time ago… the SpheresToPoints was already there… Being this the first time I needed this function, I simply forgot, it is working great.
I’ll study the GH to try and learn how it works, thank you.

This Script was the missing part in figuring a workflow using Rhino and Zbrush side by side on the same model.

Thank you Ethan @akilli
Rhino already does a great job in finding and marking the non-manifolds edges… it is just completely unusable to try and fix these in rhino [ the current model is over 14 mil faces]
ZB on the other hand, has not problem running quite smooth with such heavy meshes. With the locations marked by exporting the little spheres, a touch with a smooth brush in SculptrisPro mode, will re-topolize the non-manifold areas.
There are good ways to retopolize the whole object [without loosing details]
but the Rhino route is really nice to fix localised problems.

Here with @Helvetosaur script using 0.2mm spheres [in red]

With 0.1mm spheres [in transparent white here]

Thanks a lot for the kind help.


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