Looking for a script to enlarge polysurfaces in X and Y directions only....?

I have an exterior stone panel project that I have to change the joints size from 1/2" down to 1/4". All the stone is 1 1/4" thick and that needs to remain the same. So a simple offsetsrf command will not work, I only need the 1 1/4" edges moved/stretched 1/8" each way. Some of these panels are perpendicular to the cplane and some are not. It would be nice to have the resulting pieces copied to a new layer. I have attached a simple model with a few pieces. (R6 but I have R7 as well)

I’m willing to pay for the right script.

Thank You
Brian Wheeler
Crystal Marble Co.Script-example-enlarge stone-R6.3dm (2.8 MB)

I have what I need…I love this group of folks here.