Looking for a script (or plugin) to select 'Closed polylines'


I’m looking for a script or plugin that allows me to select ‘closed polylines’.

In case of many of closed polylines and circles overlapped each other like below image, so I’d like to select all the closed polylines and delete.

In Rhino 7, there’s no command for selecting closed polylines. It would be good to have a script on that.

Thank you!

SelClosedCrv doesn’t do it? They absolutely need to be polylines and not other types of curves?

Also, if they are exact duplicates, SelDup or SelDupAll will select them.

Circles also closed and couldn’t select with SelDup. :sob:

OK, here is a script…
SelClosedPolyline.py (478 Bytes)

Thank you so much for your time to make it. It helps a lot to me!