Looking for a niche plugin

Hello, I am looking for a plugin for labelling of geometry and I hope it already exists that meets the following criteria…

Critical to functionality

  1. use bounding box to select geometry (closed curves)
  2. have input text option for partially definable labelling (A or B or C, etc.)
  3. have it auto-populate the rest of the label (1, 2, 3, etc.) (end result for each label should be a alpha-numeric label such as A1, A2, etc.)
  4. place the label inside their respective closed curve
  5. have user defined option for font properties (font type, height, model space scale, etc.)
  6. have this be a repeatable process (i.e. repeat selection and input steps for group b, then c, etc.)
  7. once a label is generate, it cannot be associated with other labels generated at same time. it should be come a traditional text object
  8. text generated should be compatible with other food4rhino nesting plugins such as opennest

I hope a solution already exists and I just haven’t seen it yetfingers crossed