Looking for a Grasshopper consultant

Hello All -

I work for a company in the Seattle WA area, and we are looking for someone with expert-level experience in Grasshopper to serve as a paid remote consultant. This would likely be a fairly light engagement, in the order of a few hours here and there with flexible hours. It would involve corresponding with us via email, with occasional videoconferences also possible.

Essentially what we’re looking for is someone who can help debug and troubleshoot Grasshopper scripts that have been written in-house. We don’t have deep experience with Grasshopper, so there are occasionally issues we run into that we cannot solve.

We are a twenty year old research and development company with about 400 employees.

If you are interested, respond to me by direct message (please include a brief summary of your experience) and I can send you my work email to continue the correspondence, so that you know this is legitimate.

Thank you.


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I sent you a private message.




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Hello I have sent you a DM.

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