Looking for 2D curve creative exploration tools

Happy Friday everyone! I have an open-ended question that is more abstract than usual.

I’m looking for ways to explore interesting 2D curves, where “interesting” means “I don’t know quite what I want.” I have a big library of curve generating scripts, and projects that allow selection between them, but… they never surprise me. Because I made them to do specific things, and damn it, that’s what they do.

Has anyone seen, or does anyone have ideas for, a more open-ended curve generation tool? Not just “put 10 random points on a plane and interpolate” – I’d like it to be able to generate clean geometry like spirals or sine waves

With apologies if that’s just too open-ended as a topic, but hey, it’s Friday. Anyone worked on this kind of idea-generating pattern before?

These are boring. Get some La-La-Land stuff - as an entry Level start - and make a wish List : Chaotic curves, Insane curves, Sane curves, Fourier curves (LOL), Bell/Gauss curves or what? (And what about a proper freak show? Surfaces, that is).

Curves_EntryLevel_V1.gh (122.2 KB)
Spirals_EntryLevel_V1.gh (125.4 KB)

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Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! Thanks!

Anyway get the boring stuff as well:

Curves_Sin_Cos_V2A.gh (124.0 KB)