Long MAKE2D will eventually work well if I wait long enough?

Hi! I have a huge map with 95 000 curves that I want to make in a make2d axo. Anyways, I understand that this takes a lot of time but now after one hour or so, I wonder if it is worth it to wait and it will come out fine or if I should just cancel it and do it part by part? Dont want to “lose” 1h of make2d-time but also dont want to wait 4 hours more or indefinetly!

Maybe try rotating a regular (parallel) viewport and printing or screen grabbing that?

The purpose with make2d is to put it into illustrator vectorized.

You may have better results with the make2d from Rhino6/Rhino WIP, the make2d is completely rewritten, and should be a lot faster.

Allright cool, cannot afford to upgrade but perhaps there is a trrial I can try later after I submit my thesis! But anyways, I hid it in 5 parts and it worked, I waited for 3h and then cancelled i.t

If you have a valid Rhino 5 licence, you can also try it for free untill it’s released.

ahh nice. ill check it out after my big delivery!