Logo in block instance disappears

I am trying to creat a title block for model that has 10 layouts shoeing different aspects of the model.
I am using this automatically number layout drawings by file name and tab ref. This works fine… howeever I have added a surface, plane, picture to the block with alogo (in BMP format).
I created the block (its the only one in modle) in the first layout and it looks fine. However when I insert the the block in any other layout the logo.bmp disappears !!.
The same thing happend if I select the block in the first layout and copy it clip board. When I paste io nay of the lther layout the logo.bmp disaapears leaving a white blank surface plane.

Is this abug in Version 6 or is another wya toinsert alogo into title block ?? so it cna be used on all the layouts ?


Hi Logikman - here this seems to work correctly - see if the attached file looks correct to you - there are two blocks, with a png and a bmp image and some text with a page number text field.

BlockedImagePlanes.3dm (863.0 KB)


Dear Pascal

Your worked fine but I still could not get this to work in my model.

SO I began a “clean” blank model, set up the 11 layouts. Then set up the title block on the first layout, added the logo image and made the whole thing into a block. I copy and pasted this block to the other 10 layouts and the logo image came out correctly.

I then copied all the detail windows from the original model to the new model. Then finally I copied the model itself across in the front view.

Now it looks as it should, so I guess there was a glitch in the original drawing model somewhere ?


Hi Logikman- if you can pare down that bad model so it just has the incorrect blocks,(or the whole model if it is not massive) please send it to tech@mcneel.com, to my (Pasal) attention, and we’ll take a look.

If it’s a huge model, SaveSmall, Zip and upload to www.Rhino3d.com/upload



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