Login settings reset

I’m logged in at my company computer but when I try to log in at my home it can’t be done.
I’ve created my account by “Link Google account” option (company email with custom domain). When my company changed provider from gmail to outlook I changed email at this forum to my private gmail, here:

But when I try to log in at home by sign in with google (private email), I’ve got this:

When I try to login by my company email I’ve got this:

I cannot login with gmail because changed provider.
So I’ve tried reset password but only option is:

I can’t sign in with google at my company email because we have changed provider from gmail to outlook.
How to make it work at my private gmail or at my company email but with “log in with outlook” or set password?

@carla.sologuren @Bernat - can someone from McEuro help here?

Hi, can you please send an email to tech.eu@mcneel.com? I’ll check your RhinoAccount and send you some instructions. Thanks!

thanks Mitch!