Login screen - "Enter" doesn't work

G’day Discourse devs,

Only a small annoyance but when on the login screen, after filling in the details, pressing enter doesn’t activate the login button/process.

I prefer to not have the browser remember my login details.

This is in Win7 and Firefox browser. Both should be up-to-date.


I can’t repro this – in Windows 8.1 enter works for me on the login screen in both Chrome and Firefox.

Note that I am testing with the username / password style login.

Logging in with Google, for example, will pop up a Google browser window.

Note that I’m not tabbing through to the login button, just entering name and password then pressing enter. Use the same method to log into google and hotmail.

Anyway, it is only a small annoyance.


Correct, that is what I mean, type email, press tab, type password, press enter. Worked fine when I tested it.

Thanks discourse, this is working nicely now.

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