Log4j vulnerability question for Cloud Zoo / Rhino Accounts

I received a mail this morning from one of my clients, this gist of which is this:

Our international Security Team asks us to check if the application you manage in the Cloud uses the Log4j library and asks you to check the security of the Cloud services

I guess it’s a legitimate question… been in the tech news for several days now.

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Hey Mitch -



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I have the impression from things I’ve read here about Rhino Compute that Java is used in conjunction with it - but I have no actual experience. Is there anything to this, or is it Javascript I’m thinking of? Or am I imagining things?

You are probably imagining things. Our products don’t use Java as per the linked reply in Log4j vulnerability question for Cloud Zoo / Rhino Accounts - #2 by wim

With a 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance maybe there is some plugin for grasshopper that wraps some code that was developed in Processing, which included log4j, because you can’t never be paranoid enough

Still our products don’t use Log4j, or Java for that matter. What other people do is out of our hands.

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