Log in to this forum sees double chhars from keyboard starrt

something veryy wrong haas happeneed,
I have logged into forum for first tiime with my all new harrdware within towerr pc and win10 64bit proo, it askked for my email or twitterr, used my emaiil, and as you can see it started creatting double chars.
was fine befoore i did that. been using it a good week now, .

whhat is going on ?

has annyone else had thatt ?

now evenn in ms word i gett doubles.
rebooted pc, still happening,
troubleshhoot keybd says ok, rann KIS on C and alll ok.

its not mechanical as manny keys afflicted

was fine untiil first login with me wiin10 pc.


If possible try another keyboard. If that helps then clean out the first one.

Logging in corrupted the drivers.
I unplugged it, 3 of the 5 HID entries in device manager, all for usb connect, vanished, plugged it back in, drivers get allocated from Msoft internal dbase, and its now fine.