Log Function syntax help

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I’m new at both the expression and evaluate components, and am wondering how I can correct the syntax of this function to work with either of these components.

Distance to point by log function.gh (7.3 KB)

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Three issues:

  1. “f(x) =” is incorrect, that must be dropped
  2. ‘Variable x’ is an old GH bug caused by ‘Display Full Names’, it should be only ‘x’.
  3. Your minus characters weren’t recognized for some reason?

log function_2021Jun13a.gh (8.7 KB)



  • you are using “−” character , which is U+2212 , and that is unrecognizable by grasshopper, please use normal “-” character, which is found near numpad on your keyboard.
  • remove the “f(x) =” part
  • if you use Display > “Draw full names” please remember to rename your variables from “Variable x” to just “x”
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Thanks so much for the help Joseph and Riccardo :slight_smile:
Would you have any recommendations on how to best learn the syntaxes of these components?

Instead of writing expressions in text panels, use the ‘Expression Editor’ which has help built in.

log function_2021Jun13a2

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