Lofting you drives me crazy

I am working on a project using differential growth. Simply explained, this makes a line fill out a certain space and is growing really nicely.

To emphasise these iterations and the growth, I am saving each of them in chronological order AND then I want to connect each ‘layer’ to each other using loft.

As you can see, the lofting isn’t working out as I hoped. There are lots of twists but I want it to go up straight. I have tried A LOT of things to get around this. Dividing the line in an equal amount of points to fix it, but still there are all these twists etc. Also flipping or giving the lines new starting points isn’t working out.

Is there anybody who know how to solve my problem? I am working on this for a while now but nothing I try works, see attached files for all the input and GH definition. (8.4 KB)
Input differential growth.3dm (1.0 MB)

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Stijn (769.4 KB)


Wow thanks! Somehow my curve seam adjustment fails… any idea what is going on and what could solve that?

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Indeed, this solution fixes the problem at the seam, but due to the fact that each line had a different length but same number of point = different segment length, the same problem occurs… in a moderate way, but still nog completely gone…

Of you look at the baked version, there is never a line straight up, they’re all moving sideways…

With some iteration you can project points from the first curve to the next one and pulling points…
As the longest curve is at the top, going top>bottom.

Points are like “sliding” down an you can see “streams” merging when a long arc become shorter…

… as we can also see it missing details… (9.1 KB)

Maybe with some laplacian smoothing in the points, at every iteration, will recover some details…

I’ve made an attempt at lofting interpolated curves:

… nooope! … Scary.

Yes, Laplacian is good. (9.1 KB)
2020-04-09 22_29_03-Window

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Hey, thanks!! I get an error with the c# script, will check it out when I have time tomorrow, but this looks really promising!

Got it wokring, wow thank you so much!! only thing not going well is capping the top and bottom…
but thank you!!