Lofting curves in seperate lists


I’ve made this voronoi structure so far with the idea to create an unrollable Voronoi surface(Brep).
So first I defined the flat triangles at the intersection parts and then developed the curves wich I wanna loft and put them by using “curve closest point” into lists of 6 curves for each branch, so the curves from each branch are the closest 6 curves to the selected(highlightet) points. The problem is that in each branch the curves are shuffled in different orders and directions, so they do not loft the correct way. I just did 2 manually loftings to show what I’m trying to do.
Hope you guys can understand what I mean :slight_smile:
So does somebody have any idea how to loft these curves the easiest way to create an unrllable surface?

screen shots are great to explain a problem.
But in order to get help it is better to have a script with data internalized. Help Us Help You!!!

Hello Guys,

ok I’m sorry for beeing complicated in explaining, but could fix it by myself then, was some data struggle but then it worked.
Its a hexagonal curved pattern which can be unrolled planar like a sheet of paper. (trying to use it for curved folding simulations in kangaroo)
If someone is interested in stuf like this, here it is the file hexagonal (28.1 KB)

My 2 cents below

hexagonal (34.6 KB)

Hi Petrol,

thanks for your input, yes it looks like a shorter solution, my version is a little complicated file, but it does work.
For me its just important that its no iso surface, so that they are just unrollable in the 3D model and the 2D model like a sheet of paper.