Lofting circle-grids

Hi all! Unfortunately I am not able to solve the following problem:

I created 3 overlying grids with circles of different radius. In the next step I would like to loft each 3 circles which lie on top of each other. (Please, see the the sketch with blue-marked loftings)

I hope you can help me with that. Thank you in advance! (7.6 KB)

Your definition was missing a curve. I looked at your screenshot and drew a curve myself. It is internalized in the definition now.

The loft component needs three curves for each tower. I grafted the inputs of the first two inputs and removed one of your flatten on an output of the third input. (19.0 KB)

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Martin, Thank you so much! Your definition is working perfectly.

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Could you maybe help me with another question regarding this definition:
Is it possible to move vertically the upper circles of the tower depending on the “Curve Closest Point”, so that not only the radius of the circles depends on the distance to defined curve, but also the height (z-value) of the circles?

Thank you in advance!! :slight_smile: (20.6 KB)