Lofting between to Spirals not working


the problem is that I could not find any solution for lofting the ramp-surface between two spirals. It works when the inner spiral goes from large two small radius and the outer does the same. In this case I need different run width on my ramp, so the iner spiral should go from large to small and the outer spiral from small to large radius. I alredy tried to use Sweep 1 and 2, Patch, nothing worekd. Thanks a lot for your help.

I present the issue by pictures and the gh-file (32.1 KB)

It seems it fails when the inner curve became the outter !! There is an intersection. Can you post the exact parameter that fails ?

Hi, I do not think that there is an intersection between inner and outter curve. Here are both examples (First parameters are working). Second ones are

not working.

OK, the only solution I found is this one. It means building the surface from points in the curves. (24.6 KB)

I think the problem is that Loft and other functions try too keep the connections at the same heights. Because they aren’t between the extremities it screwed the surface.

Thanks a lot for your time and the solution. I will try to continue with your solution. Does anybody else know why lofting fails in this case?

More simple solution but that has some flaws ! (22.9 KB)

Thank you, that is very helpful!

One minor qustion: Can you explain where I can find the component with the glasses-symbol and what it does?

This component is only used to show the names of components. It is useful when GH is in Icon model, which is my preferred mode.

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Thank you!