Lofting between 2 curves causing polysurfces

Loft between 2 curve.3dm (5.0 MB)


There is absolutely no need to post 5 times with the same example. Please remove all your other duplicate posts.

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I son’t know whta’s happenining but it I got an internal error messege while posting it
I’ll delete them now

To answer your main question: your curves are polycurves composed of two segments each. If you explode them and check the geometric continuity (_GCon) between the ends, you will see that the curves that make single surfaces are tangent (G1) at the joint, whereas the curves that end up as a polysurface after lofting have a slight kink at that spot - a bit bigger than 1° - so Rhino breaks that up automatically into a polysurface.

But why this happens ? all these curves ar a result of tween curve

What are the original curves that were tweened? One of them at least probably has a kink.

In your backside curves, I see lots of kinked spots…

I tweened polysurfaces edges together, I didn’t face this problem before but it’s really intersting :yum:

I redo every thing and firtunately it worked fine, I have anotheq question now why offset doesn’t rember bothside?as I have to to choose it every time and it became tedious when u have many curves to offset

That’s where macros comes in to play.
Make a new button with the offset commando and That activates both sides automatically :slight_smile:

I find out why this problem with curves appeared because I tweened curvs with (matchmethod: fit )


I googled macons and used it with the rest of curs and I dodn’t know about it before thanks @Holo

Great to hear! Macros is the first step to getting the full potential from Rhino.

Just ask if anything is unclear.

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