Loft with history jumps to wrong edge glitch

Left is as the loft with history was created, right is after I extended the top surface to the left a little bit:

lofthistory.3dm (71.6 KB)

Yep, I know this is bad - the underlying problem , that is not easy to solve given how Rhino currently works, is that the matching is done by edge index and these can easily be rearranged as in this case.
This example at least seems more stable if you UntrimBorder the inputs before lofting.

I believe this is the same problem:


Wow, :no_mouth:, I’m glad I never use History.

@pascal, I see this issue is created 3 years ago. Will this get fixed in Rhino6?

Hello - there is no plan that I know of. I’d prefer to at least break history in these cases rather then update incorrectly.


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