Loft trough multiple closed curve in different plane

i am going to recreate a vase model like this:

and this is my try: (18.1 KB)
how can i make the loft through multiple closed curve ? i tried pufferfish too and no luck

This is rather complicated with lofting.

Instead I’d use either multipipe or I’d model it as SubD without Grasshopper.

Here’s a way to start in Grasshopper: (26.9 KB)


I would say it’s impossible with lofting. The curves for MultiPipe could be improved but the original model mixes up points with vectors so it’s not easy to get the centers of all the circles to create curves from them. Good idea though.

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I’d do it with Grasshopper then !
Alert, danger, do not try this at home. (25.0 KB)


How bizarre! Instructive though, and very clever.

Perfect, this was great ,thanks for the solution. :+1:

Thanks for your time and your help Mr Martin.

Here’s an slightly edited extract from a larger GH file I’m working on: (19.7 KB)


Seems good, Ill give this try too.Thanks for reply :grinning: