Loft surfaces with Rhino3dm


I’m trying to create a truncated cylinder (tapered mast) using Rhino3dm - it can be either circular or polygonal in section and I have previously used loft between two circles / polygons in a Rhino python script, along the lines of this sample. I could create two separate functions : one for cylinders which uses RevSurface and another for polygons which builds them from individual surfaces but it would be easier if loft were available - is loft available in Rhino3dm or could it be added?

Hi @Dancergraham,

Lofting is not part of openNURBS. Thus, it cannot be included with Rhino3dm. You can loft, however, using Compute.

– Dale

You can use the compute client library for python found at

The function would be Brep.CreateFromLoft

Thanks @stevebaer and @dale. OK you’ve got me - I have pip installed compute-rhino and obtained a key. Time to start playing with compute :computer: