Loft surface from top to bottom floor

Hi everyone,

I would like to make a loft surface from top to bottom floor for level 1, and top to bottom floor for level 2 and so on. I have a list which contain al the tops of the floors and one list which contain the bottom of the floors. Is there a way to combine those lists to make 1 loft that follows these paths instead of creating 2 lofts which are both a bit of on one side.
Or is there a smarter way to do this?

Koen (76.9 KB)

this could be a solution, you can play with LoftOptions to get a straight loft if needed

the main thing to account is that despite the curves being divided in two lists (top/bottom of each floor) for some portions they are ordered top to bottom, for other bottom to top

merging and re-sorting based on polygon-center Z value avoids that problem (75.3 KB)

[edit: looking at @HS_Kim 's solution I feel like I’ve completely misunderstood the problem :slight_smile: ]

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i changed the loft options to straight and now it works!

So the height of the “floors” is determined by the angle of the lines connecting the helix shapes? Some for short people, others for tall people? :roll_eyes:

Sad to see so many static text panels driving this model since that limits the parametric possibilities. There are good ways to avoid that, one being in the yellow group I posted earlier.

This is what I mean by more fully parametric. No static text panels driving crucial parameters.

TEST DNA (108.7 KB)

NOTE: I disabled the slow orange groups and removed Bifocals (there’s an “app” for that, included).

Hi Joseph, I would like to thank you for your help in grasshopper. I am very new to this software, and this is my first script which I am making for a school subject. The model needs to become more like my sketch which is my design input. For that reason and the reason that I don’t know many things about grasshopper, I am making my script like this. (Without some optional parameters)