Loft Simplification *SOLVED*

Hello all,

I am attempting to simplify my grasshopper definition. I am attempting to make a cube shaped module, using simple 4 curves on a single face. The module will be created my copying those 4 profiles onto the back face of the cube, then rotating the back profiles by 180 degrees. The list of rear profiles is shifted by 2 indices in order to get the proper desired pairs of front-back profiles. These pairs are referenced into the loft component, using the List Item component. The lofted surfaces are then meshed and thickened with weaverbird.

I need assistance with simplifying the front-back profile data trees, pairing the data of the front and back profiles into one tree, and lofting the 4 surfaces using a single loft component. I would like to not have 4 copies of the loft component and List Item component.

I assume I may need to use a sequence which calls for the pairs in the combined data tree in order to run the loft 4 times in a single component?

Thanks in Advance. !! (11.9 KB) Parametric_Module.3dm (92.8 KB)

Hi @baileydw,

You seem to have put some effort and consideration into the documentation of your issue, but why haven’t you upload a relevant sample file? People would be much more willing to help you.
Nobody really has any interest to rebuild someone’s GH definition from a screenshot in order to test things out for them.

Check out subcategory 3 especially:

You should probably also fix the image display of your first picture, so that it shows as an image and not as a hyperlink!

I fixed the image tag, but yeah, file please.

You are completely correct. My apologies, I should have provides files as well… I will edit the original post and include them.


I have solved this problem. Solution here.