Loft seam points

I’m quite new to Rhino and didn’t find the answer on forum.
I try to Loft this curves:

It goes wrong and I cannot adjust the seam point and directions to te same position. I can drag seam point but cannot rotate them to the same direction. Only 180 degrees rotation is possible. How can I solve it?


Hi Kuba - click Flip at the command line then click the arrows to flip.


Pascal, it only changes the direction of arrow by 180 degrees. It’s not possible to rotate by 90 degrees.
So in result some arrows are up-down and some left-right direction.

Doesn’t matter. On closed curves they just have to point in the same direction clockwise or counterclockwise. If some point sideways and others point up, it doesn’t matter as long as the seams line up.

If you are confused, use Dir command before the Loft command to display and change curve direction. (I speak fluent Polish except technical terms.)


I still think it does matter. Just look at this:

Problem occurs in places where I can’t force arrow look at the same direction. Don’t know why some point left/right and some look up/down

It does not matter,
the last arrow is in the opposite direction than all the others…
if it is easier for you, try and drag the seams on a curve middle before flipping them to avoid all confusion…

Guys, thanks for help. Dragging seam points to the middle of curve solved the problem.
Anyway, I found better way to model this surface which is actually a real life object.