Loft (?) Question

Have a look at the curves below. Each circle is actually an ellipse. What is the best tool to skin this bunch of curves?

I can do it if I split the ellipses on either the horizontal or vertical plane, then use the “Curve Network” command on both top/bottom (or left/right, depending on how I settled on splitting the ellipses), then joining the half “shells” (for lack of a better term). I can then of course Cap Planar Holes to seal off the flat ends.

But, is there a simpler way to skin these curves, or a better tool/command to use, without needing to split the ellipses, yet still maintaining a high level of fidelity to the curve locations?

I should also mention it cannot be a revolved profile (I don’t think it can, anyway), as the horizontal curves are sloping downward in their positions (the ellipses are not all vertically centered).

Thanks for any recommendations.

What is the problem with using Loft?
Hard to tell without seeing the actual file, buy you could try Sweep2. The rails would be the first & last elipses, and the horizontal curves would be the sweep shapes.

Oh. I’ll tell you what the problem with using Loft was. I was using it wrong :upside_down_face: I was selecting all the curves (ellipses AND lines), when I should have just been selecting the ellipses. How embarrassing. I will now go sit in the corner.


If you need the simplest possible geometry with the least amount of control points, you can also try the “Rail revolve” tool. Note that it only works with one rail (one of your end ellipses) and one profile curve (one of your profile curves), so it may not be an exact representation of the desired shape, though you can adjust that subsequently by moving/snapping its control points or by using the “Match surface” tool to a target ellipse.

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… and just to collect all ideas:

if your ellipses are real ellipses you can also just
_revolve the curve first
and then
(or _scaleNU)
to make it the final shape / section ellipsoid

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For a minute I thought it was me posting a question, then I realized I had an avatar doppelganger!

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I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid we can’t do that.