Loft problem


I am converting an open brep into a surface.
Extracted contours and points.

So far so good. My loft is looking very strange.

I need it to be mapped with a geometry.

I also tried surface from points and networked surface with no success.

Any hints?

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SFS (22.4 KB)
1809_brep-surface.3dm (93.5 KB)

Baking the GH-curves and then lofting in Rhino makes a perfect shape.
In GH the curves are unsorted, the loft jumps from the 5th to 3rd… How do I make GH understand which curve is the first one?

You can avoid generating a polysurface frSweep1 by using Fit Curve. (22.0 KB)


First off, It is best to internalize your geometry so as not to have to post both .3dm and .gh file (have a read at this, it’s going to be very useful)

What I think the problem is, is that the result of your loft is not a surface as you might think. (if during a loft it is difficult to connect a series of curves, Grasshopper creates a brep -so as to give you something- but it is essentially a mesh and doesn’t have the properties of a surface.)
In the following definition I realigned the ‘ribs’ using orient and the result is indeed a surface. (19.3 KB)

Sorry, I missed the scaling part (I always miss something :roll_eyes: ) (20.8 KB)


Fit Curve is the under appreciated hero of Grasshopper to be honest :smiley:

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FitCurve is great, I haven’t used that component so often.
It solves everything!
Thanks for the fast reply HS_Kim.

This example is very useful for working with geometry that was created in other software!

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Hi anikolo,

of course I know internlalize data. In this case it’s about getting geometry from the outside, so I use it for tests and import Iges-files.

Great solution, thanks!
The one you did is a different setup, which is also very nice.
I want to focus on imported geometry here though, but I could extract a central curve and do what you suggest, since it is very clean and nice. But the geometry can be assymetrical too, which makes everyhing different I assume. Gonna run some tests…

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@Michael_Pryor you can add in Pufferfish a fit curve component with an angle input.


Sure I can toss it in. I have also a cool one in the next version that fits only certain segments of curves based on the degree you specify.

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I added Fit Curve Smooth and Fit Curve Segments to the new Pufferfish V2.2

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