Loft Problem

Can someone give me some insight on how to array a ‘Surface Box’ across an arrayed Loft?

File (8.7 KB)


You need to delete lotf component then use it again .

Not sure what you are pointing out Joseph. My Loft seems to work at my end. And I can Divide Domain 2. Cannot get this geometry to array. When I plug my Loft into Array component I have the desired result, but without the Divide.

He’s showing you that you haven’t internalized your geometry the the 2 Geo components that are orange in that picture. That makes it very hard on your readers that try to help you…

You must have a Rhino file that you didn’t post? Your GH references to geometry are not internalized.

@Matthew_Buck @foreigner, that is because it is an issue with Twisted Boxes (output of SBox). They are not a native rhino geometry type and this means they were not considered as readable geometry types by any transform components (that’s why you are seeing nothing happening.) I made a special component in Pufferfish called “Transform Twisted Box” so you can use the transform components like array with twisted boxes. It uses any transformation type components X (the transform data) output. You could alternatively plug the twisted boxes into a Brep param to make them as Breps, then array them, then turn them back into twisted boxes - but who has time for all that. (plus it will be heavier) (9.9 KB)

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