Loft problem

Hello! Im new in this program and i have a problem that i can t figure out . when i use loft i ended up getting an object filled with lines instead a surface. help please

Can u post a screenshot or ur file? This is too general :d loft sometimes acts up

yeah,after 4 hours i figured out. click on “perspective” and click “Shaded” facepalm

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U can also use middle mouse button to bring up the quick access menu… There u can easily toggle between views… Hover over each icon and it tells u what right and left click does… The gray sphere icon toggles between shaded and wire frame w r and l click…

U can also add any view u like by clicking on the margin of the q menu which will show u the gear icon that enables u to edit each button and add cmnds 4 r or l click …

If u go to the display tab… R click and go to edit button, u can copy the cmnd and then paste it in q a menu…i normally add shade or ghosted view to the r click of rendered view which is the blue sphere…

And if your problem is solved, click the Solution button in this case in your own post… Thank you

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Thank you very much!