Loft parallel surfaces


I am trying to write a Voronoi3D GH file basically achieving the same as in following video: Grasshopper Tutorial (Voronoi & Weaverbird) - YouTube

But for all shapes, in my case a doughnut like round shape. everything works more or less… except Loft.
to get it work, i want do loft the boundary of a surface with the next parallel lying surface (as i did as an example by hand:


I do not know if it is possible, but i thought about a definition like:
find to all surfaces in a set the parallel surfaces in a set, chose the nearest, get for both surfaces the boundary (surface - curve) and loft these 2 curves. repeat for whole set. (so it should output 2 lofts per 2 surfaces, because each surface will be select 2 times and their boundaries loft 2 times). remove duplicate surfaces (maybe by area - sort - dispatch 0 1 )

But i am not a programmer, and cant write (or graphically align) a working script. So my Question: anybody an idea how to achieve what i want?

Thanks in advance
(A reduced gh file is attached.)
(and sorry for my bad english)
Loft parallel (10.7 KB)