Loft not working

Why is the loft only happening on 1 side, and not all 6 sides ? You can see only 1 green loft. All panels should be green. (10.8 KB)

Simplify your outputs to get the Trees to match properly.

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Amazing. Could you explain why simplifying does that effect ? Mathematically, what is happening ? I was losing hope because i thaught the entire script was wrong from the beginning, and way to complex. But it seems “Simplify” does take the complexity into account ?

Doing various operations on branches adds zeros to the to the tree in case you need to maintain a particular order of operations. In these case the branches are good but need Simplifying to get rid of these extra zeros due to the operations on the lower half.

On occasion you may need to use the Suirify component to get rid of stubborn extra branches.

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