Loft issues

Hi. Trying to loft some curves, but it only seems to offer straight option rather than all the others when I select just a few curves. Tying to loft a boat hull in one sweep as in sections I see the joints.

Using a Mac.



Hi G- this most likely indicates that you have curves that touch at at least one end, but not all curves touch - look closely at the end points of the curves where they converge.


Hm, still the same unfortunately. Drifter1.1.3dm (80.0 KB)

Hello - you do not indicate which curves are being lofted, but if it is a set like this:

that will not work other than as straight sections be cause some, but not all, of the inputs meet at one end.


yes, those are the curves I need lofting. So if the ends were separated slightly, that would work?. How do I prevent it getting into a knot where they all end as is happening now?



Hello- it will ‘work’ but you’ll get a nasty loop in the surface there.


Yes, that’s what is now happening.
This is what I’m trying to get, only I keep getting a crease extending forward and have to fo the rear overhang as a separate piece, which I can never get to blend smoothly in somehow.

Tx G

Drifter1.0.3dm (3.6 MB)